Visual itinerant spectacle in the form of ghost skulls.


Giant puppets with lots of illuminated mobility and sound equipment


Itinerant show, inspired by the mythological history of the myth of Atlantis.

Characters on top of seahorses about four meters high, which thrill all kinds of audiences with their colors and spectacular design.


It's a Brazilian percussion show with stilts. With original Brazilian instruments: surdo, contrasurdo, samba box, repenique, Agogo, Ganzá, tamboriles, etc.

A mix of music, height, spectacular costumes and public participation. Musicians and actors, under the direction of the teacher Xesco Grau.

Ideal show for Carnival parades, Major Festivals, etc. guaranteed animation.


Theatrical show full of sense of humor, which is set in the characters of the Italian Comedy of Art.

A great diva, dressed in a giant skirt, walks in a large mobile structure accompanied by some mosquitoes that will entertain us with their adventures.


Alea Teatre presents a new itinerant show inspired by insects.

Great showiness and height, combines plasticity and interaction, in a show for all audiences.

Ideal for any local and perfect celebration, also, for carnival parades, kings, or major parties.

Ladybugs, bees, butterflies, "mantis religiosa" ... are some of the insects reproduced in this itinerant show.


Designed for a family audience, the show featuring some very special characters - combines great height, interaction, confetti, music and eye candy in an itinerant that will not leave you indifferent.

Some of our characters measure more than 3 meters, thus achieving a spectacular and mobile height effect, very difficult to see with stilts.

DSC_2984 copia.jpg

Plastic show, inspired by the essence of the four elements.

The air will fascinate you with its vital movement; the earth, represented with an old trunk, will be the sensation of the smallest; the water, playful will surprise you while splashing; and fire, which will take the form of a motorized dragon, will dazzle you with pyrotechnic effects.

goat devils

Percussion on stilts more demonic.

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