children's Theater 

de viatge

Do you want to know the dances from around the world as you travel around the world? We invite you to go up to a magical train that will take you to different places in order to know the variety of dances that are practiced. We will pass through Austria, Greece, Russia, Mexico, etc., but, without forgetting the typical dances of our house!

utinghami, rei de la boira

The boys and girls no longer play because they are very sad. Apparently, the Peruvian witch, who always does hers, has something to do with it. Eulàlia, a restless and brave girl, will find out what's going on and will embark on a whole series of adventures to recover joy with the help of a fun and funny little luck. (Adaptation of the book "Utinghami, the king of the fog" by Mercè Canela.)

dia genial

Sea or mountain? You will decide where you want to go! During the trip, you will discover waterfalls, you will visit castles, will pass through bridges and you will cross caves, among many other adventures. All this dancing dances that will accompany you along a splendid excursion that you will never forget.

Stilt Workshop

Ready to see the world from another perspective? We offer you the opportunity to become camallargs for a few hours in an easy and fun way.

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